Among the sectors strictly connected to our activity there is the one relating to the protection of assets. We have discovered that this is the lowest common denominator of each sector of the Law firm's expertise. Families and individuals need to plan, protect and organize their assets, but the same is true for companies and institutions.

We remember, with pleasure, that we collaborated for the realization of a charity auction for the sale of precious items of a primary health facility, to ultimately support research and assistance for the less fortunate.

Moreover, we are proud to have collaborated for the rationalization of the real estate assets of some of the most important health institutions, supporting them in operations that represented new transparency and innovative management models.

We also had the chance to deal with extraordinary acquisitions and mergers for the best business organization  and a more effective control of the market.

Among the activities carried out, we have dealt with:

  • governance and extraordinary transactions,
  • contracts and e-commerce,
  • intellectual property and technology transfer,
  • work,
  • credit recovery,
  • restructuring,
  • management and protection of large assets for families, asset management companies, real estate funds and companies,
  • succession planning and generational handover.
Health Wealth Pharma